Desktop Publishing Guide

In the world of desktop publishing, access to the latest techniques is essential. Desktop publishing businesses also need to have reliable sources for fonts, typographic services and clip art. Here is a collection of resources no desktop publishing professional should be without.


Tips And Resources

  • Computer Arts: The tutorials section for one of the world’s largest design and desktop publishing magazines.
  • Training: One of the leading providers of online desktop publishing tutorials and training courses.
  • CreativePro: Website for creative professionals with a large tutorial section on print design and layout.
  • VTC: Provider of comprehensive creative software training, with free video lessons available on their site.
  • Designer Today: Large selection of tutorials for Adobe InDesign.
  • Desktop Publishing Tips and Tutorials: Resources and tutorials for those interested in desktop publishing.
  • Layers Magazine: Website of the graphics and design magazine, with wide selection of tutorials for Adobe InDesign.
  • Design Talkboard: A design website featuring tutorials, listings, reviews, and other resources for desktop publishing.
  • Guide to Desktop Publishing: Tutorial on layout and design elements of desktop publishing.
  • Before & After: Graphic design magazine with tutorials and tips on style and layout.
  • Desktop Publishing Tips: Comprehensive collection of tips and techniques for all the major desktop publishing software.
  • Graphic Design & Publishing Center: News, reviews and tips for the world of design, layout and publishing.
  • Design Dump: Graphic design and layout resource for professional designers.
  • Peachpit Press: A leading publisher of training materials for creative professionals, with large article and tutorial sections.
  • The Designer’s Jumpola: A comprehensive collection of links for all aspects of desktop publishing.
  • Desktop Publishing Tips: Contains advice on how to make desktop publishing stress-free


  • Adobe Fonts: One of world’s largest suppliers of fonts and typefaces.
  • Fontshop: Provides a search engine to find fonts from major vendors and independents.
  • P22 Online: Font foundry which creates fonts inspired by Art, History and Science.
  • Linotype: A leading online portal for fonts and type.
  • Emigre: Font foundry with a Modernist slant.
  • Font Search Engine: A simple search engine that collates results from all the leading font websites.
  • Delve Fonts: Provider of a complete customizable typeface library.
  • Boutros: Resource for Arabic typography and fonts.
  • Aptara: An online supplier of typographic services.
  • Gateseven: A typography development company.
  • Tekntype: A provider of typography services and custom font and art creation.
  • Typotheque: Font foundry that also provides a typography consultation service.
  • Dick Margulis: A website providing typography services.

Clip Art

  • Microsoft Office Online: A massive collection of commercial clip art and stock photographs.
  • iStockphoto: Online portal for royalty-free stock photography. Subscription plans are available or buy single images.
  • Qesign: A premium subscription professional clip art and graphic illustration site.
  • Dreamstime: A searchable database of stock images and illustrations.
  • Jupiter Images: Royalty-free and rights-managed images available to download or order on CD.
  • Pro ClipArt: Clip art and other graphic resources accessed by a monthly subscription.
  • Can Stock Photo: Over two million stock images available to buy individually.
  • Graphics Factory: A download site with over one million clip art images available for commercial use.
  • NVTech: A comprehensive series of clip art collections available on CD and to download.
  • Clipart: One of the biggest subscription clip art websites, with a catalog of over 10 million images.
  • Bygone Designs: A clip art resource focused on vintage imagery and Americana.
  • Clipart Connection: A subscription clip art online store, with free samples to download

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