Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

2014 Marketing Predictions

Happy New Year! It’s another year filled with new opportunities and we couldn’t be more excited here at Amsterdam Printing. Thank you for your business and loyalty throughout 2015. Looking ahead, we would like to take a moment to tell you about some of the new and exciting things we have been working on here at Amsterdam Printing.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year ahead. Cheers!

6 Things That Make Entrepreneurship Seem Extremely Difficult

Entrepreneurship is a complex career. In order to become successful as an entrepreneur, you will have to work extremely hard. There are so many things that can motivate you to get that work up and running. If you are motivated enough, you can be sure that you will be able to get a business started. Motivation is not the only thing you need though. You should be a good planner and a person who is ready to tackle the challenges that come with starting a business. People are starting businesses at just about any age nowadays. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need billions to create a business.
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But I Have Nothing to Write About! Strategies for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Fresh, original content is the cornerstone of any effective marketing strategy today. The problem is that creating fresh, original content is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some tips for navigating writer’s block.
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Content and Organic Optimization to Drive Landing Page Conversions

What the Heck is Content Marketing?

Using content to drive targeted traffic is one of the main goals of search and content marketing strategies. There are marketers who are interested only in doing what’s enough to pass off as a good job, but clients are more interested in quantifying how organic search marketing is driving conversions (read, revenues).

Given these trends, marketers are becoming more interested in how best to convert traffic from organic search, which is the next natural step following organic SEO strategy. For bigger structured organizations, search marketers will probably pair with team members that have various specialized skills to design effective landing pages. In smaller organizations however, marketers must rely on their knowledge and a few tools to do the same.

Learn how organic SEO and content marketers can effect traffic conversion by analyzing, understanding and leveraging page-level metrics, options and testing.
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Bundle Up with Cozy Sweatshirts and Custom Jackets

We love fall activities like football and apple picking. Of course, the chillier air means you need to approach your favorite outside activities a bit differently: no more flip-flops and tank tops. Instead, it’s time for cozy sweatshirts and custom jackets that promote your organization while you’re having fun.

Here are some of our current favorites.
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