New Blog—Amsterdam Printing’s “Promo Wall”

Dostoyevsky once wrote that taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most. This is also true for businesses large and small and it’s an accurate quote for this, my first blog as Director of Sales and Public Relations at Amsterdam Printing.

As we now all know, the social media revolution is allowing customers to communicate with companies in ways that are not tested and, in most cases, not controllable or measurable. Like it or not, once you decide to put your company on a social media site everyone in your organization now becomes your direct ambassador in the marketplace. These new connections with people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the endless internet based options will and should impact your business decisions.

This unprecedented interaction is both exciting and frightening at the same time. But how ever things play out, we want to give our customers, employees and colleagues every opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. The majority of our customers are small businesses or organizations and we will be providing help, guidance and support in this new venue. Our intent is for this blog to be a free-flowing forum for all to participate—hence we are christening our blog “Promo Wall”. My Facebook account has a wall and its purpose is to be a central landing area for the daily conversation amongst my friends and family. Hopefully, our wall will evolve to become that spot for our industry.

I invite you to join me—and Amsterdam Printing—in this new venture. I’m looking forward to your thoughts, ideas and stories.

By Steve Benidt, Director of Sales and Public Relations at Amsterdam Printing

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0 thoughts on “New Blog—Amsterdam Printing’s “Promo Wall”

  1. Apparently you have built up enough success stories to be fairly confident that social networking won’t bite you back. For your Promo Wall do you have a corresponding “Wall of Shame” to highlight your failures, and discuss your solutions their impact?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Daryl.
      Like most companies we have our share of successes and failures. I’d like to believe that, for the most part, we do an outstanding job of providing quality products and service. And when we don’t, we have a team of people who care about making it right for our customers.
      If you visit the “reviews” section of our website you will see that we’re not trying to hide anything. There are some unflattering comments that—trust me—I wish had never been posted. But they are real customers expressing real frustrations or complaints. “Wall of Shame” is a little harsh but I know what you’re driving at.
      That was kind of what I was saying in my blog. It’s futile for businesses to hide from the negative comments in this new web world and companies should be prepared to accept their shortcomings. It’s not shameful to make mistakes—but it may be if you refuse to learn from them and improve.

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