Using a Company Mascot to Engage Customers

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Whether your company mascot is fictional (Mr. Clean, the Michelin man) or real (the office pooch), your company mascot is a great way to personalize your business and engage customers.

Here are eight company mascot ideas worth considering.

1. Give your mascot a regular feature on your blog. For example, call it Mascot Monday and invite the mascot to pen an article. Remember, your mascot’s tone can be different from the usual content you post. In fact, it should be different so that it stands out.

Remember, people’s expectations regarding content your mascot “writes” compared to what you write will also differ. A lighter, more casual approach is perfect for your mascot dog or cat who is always lounging in the sunny spot by your desk. This lighter fare can provide the perfect balance to more serious topics.

2. Create a bio for your office mascot. Make it fun, include a headshot, and post it to the “About Us” section of your site along with your team management bios.

3. Design a call-to-action button for the home page. Again, be creative and have it say something like “Meet our Mascot” and link to the mascot’s bio or his or her latest blog post.

4. Take pictures. Visual content is more important now than ever before, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so forth. If your mascot is a living and breathing thing, like a pet, get in the habit of taking photos while keeping your brand in mind. Maybe you get a custom T-shirt for your pooch with your company logo on it. Or maybe you Photoshop your company colors on a picture of your cool iguana. You get the idea.

5. Add your mascot’s image to promotional items. T-shirts, caps, custom mugs, bags—practically any promotional product that you can think of would be a good place to imprint your mascot’s face. If your mascot is real (e.g. a dog), you could have a designer create a cartoon facsimile of your mascot, which you can use as your imprint (among other places, such as web pages).

6. Celebrate your mascot’s birthday. What better way to keep your mascot relevant and front-and-center than by celebrating his or her birthday. For example, you could have a month-long “birthday sale” in honor of your mascot. All promotions around the sale would feature your mascot (think email alerts, social media updates, coupons, direct mail pieces, etc.).

7. Hold a naming contest. If your mascot isn’t a living thing, but rather a fictional character that you and your team created, you could hold a naming contest. Have customers suggest names. You and your team can pick your top three favorites (this way, you have some control), and then open it up for voting. The person who first suggested the winning name wins a prize.

8. Make sure your mascot is available in person as well. If you take the time introducing your mascot online, make sure you give your mascot a presence at live events. If your mascot is a pet, bring him or her to the office or storefront. If your mascot is a fictional being, make sure there are images around the shop. For example, maybe you have a life-size cutout of your mascot (branded, of course), greeting customers at the door.

Do you have a company mascot? How have you used your mascot in your marketing? Share in the comments.

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