Back to School, Back to Business!

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Ahhhh, parents everywhere jump for joy when that jolly yellow school bus pulls up. They look forward to getting back to a consistent routine and to the peace & quiet that comes while their children are at school. As a business owner, you can use back to school time as a way to make a positive impact on your business! Here’s how:

1. Routine

Going back to school means getting back into your routine. During the summer, things tend to get a little lax. People take summer vacations, long weekends and the occasional afternoon off. But now that summer is ending and Q4 will be here and gone in no time, now is the time to buckle down! Getting back into a routine can help you to become more productive and more efficient. Block off time each morning to review numbers, return phone calls, and work on plans for next year. If the time is blocked off in your calendar, no-one else can steal it. Try to get to the office a little earlier each day and leave at the same time each night. You will be amazed at how much work you can get done in that 30 to 60 mins before everyone else comes in!

2. Planning
We’ll be changing that calendar before you know it, so September is the perfect time to start planning for next year. Start working on budgets and your marketing plan now and you will be happy you did. Do you have tradeshows or trainings that you would like to attend next year? Start planning now and get them on the calendar.

3. Fresh Start
The great thing about a whole new school year, is that it’s basically a blank slate. That same idea can be applied to your business. Technically, you may have to wait until the end of your fiscal year, but still—a new year is a fresh start. Start reflecting on the current year and what you can do to make next year your best year in business so far.

4. New Goals
With each school year, comes a whole new set of goals set by the students themselves, teachers & parents. Your kindergartener may want to be able to write his/her first and last name by January. As a business owner, now is a good time to start thinking about your goals. What are you looking to accomplish in this coming year? Where did you struggle this year? Where did you succeed? Analyze what works and what didn’t work and set the goal to improve on last year’s performance. Keep setting the bar higher and watch your business soar!

5. Finding Inspiration
Many students find inspiration in their teacher. They look toward their teacher as a mentor. Where will you find your inspiration? Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce if you haven’t already. Many times, they have luncheons and meetings and participants get to idea share. And the power of networking and creating more ties to your business is priceless. You could also join a group in your industry.  If you don’t have the time for a commitment like that, maybe you could attend an online webinar. Education is power and the more you know, they more you will grow!

Although it’s always sad to see summer come and go, the fall is a great time to focus and prioritize the things that need to be done to round out a successful year and plan for the next year! Happy 1st Day of School to all of the students out there (and parents too)!



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