The Pen That Traveled Halfway Around the World

boardroom silver stylus penlight

Every time you give out a promotional product, you get a chance- a chance to connect customers and the members of your community with your company, your brand, and your values.  These products make you visible in a busy world that is saturated with stimuli, and provide a tangible object with your brand on it. In a society that so often relies on digital communication, there is immense value in having a product with a concrete, physical connection to your customers.

Usually, these connections stay local. Take the humble pen. You imprint it with your logo, give it to customers, and send it out into the world, hoping it brings you visibility, name recognition, and new business. A customer brings her pen to the bank, to sign loan documents. Perhaps she leaves it there, and the bank manager picks it up. Another customer brings your pen to a chamber of commerce event and loans it to a small business owner who inadvertently forgets to return it.  A third customer brings your pen home from a tradeshow, and it becomes a favorite for daily note taking.

This is exactly how you want a promotional product to work. It’s functional, used often, and can be passed along in unexpected ways. Each time someone uses that pen, they see your business- they see you. So the next time they need tax advice or their yard landscaped or want to dry clean a suit for an important meeting, they’ll think of you.

And sometimes, promotional products can reach farther than you could have dreamed. A recent comment from one of our customers about the Boardroom Stylus Penlight shows just how far branded products can go:

The Boardroom Silver Stylus Penlight this businessman chose helped him make connections with families in his local community. But the impact didn’t stop there- this illuminated pen traveled halfway around the world, to Africa!

His business benefited, and he was able to use the product to serve as a conversation starter and a means to bridge the gap between different cultures.

At their core, promotional products are a tangible way to make the world aware of your company’s services and values – while building intangible value through relationships and good will.  It’s easy to forget about, but this intangible value is a critical part of creating a lasting brand. The next time you choose a promotional pen, think about both the tangible and intangible benefits to your business and see how “far” your brand can travel.

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3 thoughts on “The Pen That Traveled Halfway Around the World

  1. It is really a great article. Definitely, Pens can be a good choice for a promotional products. I am very glad to go through this wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

  2. I am a flight instructor and your Boardroom stylus penlight is much appreciated by my students. It can be used on a tablet aviation app, used to copy a flight clearance and function as an emergency light in the cockpit on a night flight.

    1. We love hearing from our customers, especially regarding our products. Thank you for taking a moment to share the multi-uses you have found for this pen. We work hard to stay above the rest in this market, so when we come across such a positive comment like yours, we really feel like we’re getting the job done. Thank you again for the great feedback!

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