Welcome Students Back to School with Tech Giveaways

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It’s that time of year again — time to polish up the desks, button up those lesson plans, and get ready to welcome students back to school for a fresh new year.

It’s no secret that today’s students — yes, even the youngest ones — are more tech-savvy than ever before. That’s why high-tech promos are a perfect way to build excitement for the new year, and they also make terrific tokens of appreciation for teachers, parents, and alumni.

Look for unique, innovative promo options that show off your school pride; here are a few ideas to get you started.

Pens with a Techy Twist

All students need writing tools to get them through the school year, so why not offer one that has a real “wow factor” — like an illuminated imprint pen that lights up your school name and logo? It’s perfect for late-night study sessions or just showing off to friends who are bound to ask, “Where’d you get that?”

Tablet-Ready Padfolios

Mobile technology has become an essential part of every student’s back-to-school kit, and the latest tech padfolios feature sleeves to keep e-readers and tablets handy, safe, and secure. And for those who prefer the “old school” approach, there’s also space for a good ol’ paper pad and pen. Emboss your school name and logo on the front for an elegant, enduring symbol of school spirit.

USB Flash Drives

Perfect for backing up term papers or transferring homework documents from the computer lab to a laptop, custom USB flash drives come in a wide variety of formats, including

  • Colorful USB flash drive bracelets
  • Business card flash drives thin enough to fit inside a wallet
  • Wearable dog tag flash drives

Connector Cables

To keep mobile, multi-device users powered up and connected, put your school logo on a handy 4-in-1 charging cable that connects to micro-USB, mini-USB, and even Lightning ports.

Portable Chargers and Power Bankscharging station for phone

Technology is a marvel … until it runs out of juice. Help students (and teachers) keep their devices powered up with school-branded chargers and charging stations. For staying powered up on the go, the latest power banks offer up to 6,000 mAh battery capacity and dual outputs to allow charging of two devices at once. For classrooms, home, or the dorm, charging stations can power up to four devices at once, and some models incorporate a stand making it easy to use devices while they charge.

Whether you give them away at orientation or offer them for sale in the bookstore, high-tech promos place your school name and logo on items students will most appreciate — the ones that put technology to work for them all throughout the school year. There’s no better way to say “Welcome back to school!”


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