May 5-11 is National Small Business Week 2019

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National Small Business Week is a time when we salute the small businesses and owners that make up the foundation of the American economy.

Did you know that according to statistics from 2018 from, there were over 30 million small businesses in the U.S. employing almost 59 million workers? That’s 47.5% of the private workforce!

We applaud small business owners, employees, and all of those organizations that work tirelessly on their behalf, such as your area chambers of commerce, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Here at the Small Business Know-How blog, we often provide articles full of helpful ideas and strategies for small business owners of all kinds, both commercial and non-profits, and for the people who work within them, like HR people, marketing folks, and sales teams.

Here’s a roundup of four of our most popular and helpful articles from small business resources:

So go ahead, get the word out and promote this worthwhile event that celebrates you and your business! Check out everything happening at the event website Here’s just a sampling of what’s planned:

  • Free social media banners ready for you to use on your own page to promote the event
  • In-person and virtual events you can join in on
  • A virtual conference with a range of speakers on business focused topics
  • Twitter chat #SmallBusinessWeek, @SBAgov

Check it out, then, stop back and tell us: how are you celebrating national small business week?

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