Make a Bold Statement with Your Logo on Enhanced Laser Engraved Pens

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Companies purchase pens with logos for brand awareness campaigns, new product launches, employee gifts, fundraising and more. Whatever the reason, their logo and imprint should be BIG – it allows the message to stand out and not get lost on a product.

When products are fairly small, such as engraved pens, the imprint area for the logo is often limited to 1/4 of an inch in height by the engraving machines. Logos with horizontal orientation can get quality results with a logo at 1/4 inch height.  But if a logo has a vertical orientation, such as a lighthouse, it would only be 1/4 inch in height and even smaller in width. These constraints sent our engineering team back to the drawing board to come up with a better result.

Here is the Solution! 

Our engineering team worked to maximize the area for engraving and here is the solution! With enhanced engraving, your imprint height can be three times larger: to a maximum of 3/4″.  To accomplish this, the imprint is laser engraved  by rotating the pen.  This sounds a bit complicated, but we take care of that. You enjoy the beautiful results:

Laser Engraving comparison
Ultima Pen – with standard engraving and enhanced engraving.

Which pens are available with enhanced engraving?

The Aerostar Illuminated Stylus Pen always has enhanced engraving. The Aerostar makes a bold statement on its own, we want to make sure your logo makes a dramatic impression too!

In addition, these engraved pens can optionally be ordered with enhanced laser engraving for only 20 cents extra per pen:

Delane Collection

Entice & Ultima Collections

How Do You Order Enhanced Engraving?

After clicking  the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page, simply select “Enhanced Engraving,” for the imprint option. Experiment with the text and logo options. See how your preview looks with:

  • enhanced text only
  • enhanced logo only
  • enhanced logo and text

More questions? Leave a question in the comments or ask our friendly customer service team  on Chat or call at 1-800-203-9917.

Don’t forget, you can also order a sample of the Aerostar Illuminated Stylus Pen  and meanwhile, here are a couple more pictures to enjoy!

More Examples of Enhanced Engraving

Promotional pens: with and without super-size engraving
Ultima pens: with and without enhanced engraving
Delane pens - with and without super-sized engraving
Delane pens: with and without enhanced engraving (showcasing that vertical orientation lighthouse logo we talked about).
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