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Ah, promoting and marketing your business – they’re the tasks all small business owners must do, but have you ever noticed how these tasks fall by the wayside when your business gets really busy? Or maybe you find these tasks bring on a case of where-the-heck-should-I-start syndrome. Then, of course, there’s the information-overload issue:

  • Which blogs should you read?
  • Do you really need to have your business on Facebook and Twitter?
  • How can you find effective marketing strategies that you can implement right now without losing your sanity?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry – we haven’t been spying on you! But we have been around for over 115 years, and we’ve worked with enough small business owners to understand the challenges, the fears, the concerns, and the glassy-eyed stare that the words “marketing” and “promotions” can conjure.

Besides, we get it, because we’re business owners, too.

This is why we started the Small Business Know-How blog. At Amsterdam Printing, we know we can be more than simply a provider of awesome promotional products that help market your business. Yes, we do that – and we do it well. But we also want to share all of the promotional and marketing knowledge – the tips, tricks, and tools we’ve learned over a century in business.

Our goal is to provide posts with practical, easy-to-digest information that you can start using in your business TODAY. We appreciate the fact you’re busy, you wear many hats, and that you need marketing strategies designed with your needs in mind.

We hope you consider subscribing – either via RSS or email. We welcome your comments, your questions, and your ideas. (And we welcome guest posts as well!) Just email us here: blog@amsterdamprinting.com.

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