Promotional Ideas for Health Fairs & Healthcare Marketing

pen light for nursesSuccessful healthcare marketing campaigns will undoubtedly involve a long list of tasks. Among those tasks is finding the right branded products to promote your healthcare business and your marketing campaign. The best promotional products are ones that are useful to your target audiences’ everyday tasks. Maybe you need pens with flashlights for your nurses, pill boxes showing your pharmacy name, or water bottles for a wellness event. All of these are not only useful but also provide advertising opportunities to unite and inspire staff, and show you care about a cause.

We hand-picked some obvious (and some not-so-obvious) branded products to promote your events and health-related businesses. While all relate to healthcare we recommend different branded products to fit various healthcare industry sectors.

Health Promotion Ideas

To make it easy to browse here are jump-to links for each healthcare market. Choose the market sector that best suits your needs or browse through them all. For convenience the suggested products are linked in the product thumbnails at the end of each sector or shop all healthcare promotional items here.

Once you have a product in mind, check out this list of slogans, sayings and quotes specifically for healthcare and health fairs to add a little fun to your giveaway.

Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, and other Clinical Practice Branded Items

Your healthcare staff will have a professional presence both on site and out in the community at health fairs and events by providing apparel and branded giveaways that support your medical practice.  We also included some useful items to send home with patients. As you consider your selections think about ordering in assorted colors; a great way to add a little variety for no additional cost.

Promotional Ideas for Clinical Staff

  • Branded coffee mugs that both motivate your staff and promote your brand
  • Personalized uniform scrubs and uniform polos with logos
  • ID tags that fit on stethoscope. Order in assorted colors to uniquely identify each department.
  • Lanyards and badge holders for facility access. There is now an Antimicrobial lanyard available.
  • Presentation folders to stay organized when sharing paperwork with patients
  • Fraud prevention ink pens for writing prescriptions

Promotional Ideas for Patients

  • Gel beads hot and cold packs are conveniently sized and reusable
  • Sport promos
  • Refrigerator magnets with emergency numbers; a great way to utilize large print
  • Bandage dispenser filled with bandaids
  • Child safe outlet covers are a very affordable giveaway that shows your
    support for home safety. Plan to giveaway several outlet covers per household.
  • Themed pocket calendars and pens to record future appointments
  • Goodie bags to keep it all together

Pharmaceutical Branded Giveaways

The most successful giveaways from the neighborhood pharmacy are often items that stay around the house and get pulled out for daily use for many years. The sort of household item that gets taken for granted until someone says: “That sure is handy, where did you get it?” And there it is, with your pharmacy name on it!

Promotional Ideas for Pharmacy Giveaways

  • Medicine bottle openers and jar openers when a little extra grip is needed
  • Shaker bottles for powder mix beverage drinks
  • Pill splitters and pill boxes; items that are likely to become daily living aids
  • Fridge magnets and magnetic clips; add your pharmacy hours and website address
  • Night lights will be a favorite with young and old clients alike. Yes, you can even put your name on the night lights!

Hospital Promotional Items

Sometimes the littlest gadgets like a pen with a flashlight or a badge with a retractable snap-lock strap for keeping tape handy can help nursing staff save a few minutes and stay organized without stuffing everything into their pockets. And it’s likely you will provide patients with a few personal use items during their hospital stay. Here are our top picks for hospital staff and for incidentals for patients to use at the hospital, then take home too.

Promotional Ideas for Hospital Staff

  • ID tags that fit on stethoscope. Order in assorted colors to uniquely identify each department or staff member.
  • Retractable badge holders with snap-lock strap for anyone who wears an ID tag
  • Insulated lunch bags promote environmentally-friendly routines
  • Lip balm with your branding on the label
  • Highlighter and pen combos with cushion grips
  • Pen and flashlight combos with cushion grips
  • Fraud prevention ink pens for updating charts and writing prescriptions

Promotional Ideas for Hospital Patients

  • Toothbrushes, combs, emery boards, and mini manicure sets; incidentals to use during their stay
  • Reusable gel bead hot and cold packs
  • Bandage dispenser filled with bandages
  • Magnet calendar to reference dates for the entire year at-a-glance
  • Take home bags to contain it all

Wellness and Community Health Fair Ideas

Health fair events vary widely from around-the-office type activities to community-wide events. Here are a few suggestions for wellness giveaway items and health fair ideas that volunteers and participants alike can take home to enjoy and give you constant advertising exposure long after the day is passed.

Promotional Ideas for Wellness Events

  • Screen printed t-shirts to promote the event
  • Water bottles will keep everyone hydrated and highlight your event
  • Antibacterial pens reduce spreading germs
  • Lip balm with your imprint on the label
  • Wellness wall calendars are ideal for events late in the year that will offer
    inspiration for the entire coming year
  • Pedometers to encourage healthy exercise routines long after the event
  • Event giveaway bags to hold all the event goodies

Health Industry Conferences, Seminars and Trade Shows

Remember, conference attendees may have traveled a distance to get to the event, so don’t send them home with bulky or heavy items that are likely to get left behind in hotel rooms. So for giveaways, keep it simple and provide the tote bag to put everything in along with the printed materials you will be handing out at registration. Here is an easy list that fits in the bag.

Promotional Ideas for Healthcare Conferences

  • Event lanyards and badges
  • Moleskin notebooks with a debossed, personalized soft cover
  • Stylus pens with your logo will get used as soon as the seminar starts
  • Power bank portable chargers
  • Chapsticks and lip balm with your branding on the label
  • Convention tote bags screen printed with hash tags promoting the event


We’re sure you found some helpful product tips in this health promotions buying guide, so be sure to share with your peers! What is your favorite giveaway item? Are you in a health-related industry we did not cover? Or do you have additional product suggestions to share with our readers? Leave us a note in the comments.

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