Close the Deal with these Real Estate Essentials

As a real estate agent, your job is to sell, sell, sell! And we have some appealing items that can actually make your job easier. Real estate promotional items are used to cover a wide variety of client and prospect opportunities.promote real estate 3

You can, of course add your logo and agency name to pretty much anything, but in the Ad Specialty Institute Impressions Study 77% of recipients indicated an item’s usefulness is a primary reason to keep the promotional item. With that in mind your advertising budget will get a better ROI and your agency will serve as a reminder for repeat business and referrals in the future.

From Giveaways to Closing Gifts

So, keeping usefulness in mind, here is a guide for getting the most value for your budget with real estate promotional items. To make it easy to browse use these links to jump to the section that best suits your needs today, or you can always browse through each section.

For your convenience the suggested products are linked with product thumbnails at the end of each section. Then once you have a product in mind, add a lighthearted touch with these catchy real estate slogans, sayings and quotes.

Open House and Trade Show Giveawaysreal estate marketing supplies

Open house giveaway ideas are typically an inexpensive way to get your name and agency promoted in the community. Useful ideas for promotional giveaways include safety plug covers (for lead generation – give several to each open house guest and ask them to pass one along to a friend) and inexpensive plastic logo pens. Similarly these items can be available in your office waiting area or at your trade show booth.

Get the most bang for your buck when you need large volume giveaways with individually wrapped candies like butter mints with a message on the wrapper. It’s that little something extra to interact with potential clients at open houses. Choose from custom wrappers with your logo or stock wrappers with many themes to pick from like: We Love our Clients. A tip about the stock wrapper – it’s really quick to order without going to find your logo artwork and there is no setup fee. Then, just staple your business card to the wrapper and arrange on a table or counter top at your next open house!

Use calendars and Post-It® notes like a walking billboard. Think of how easy it will be for clients to reach you when they leave Post-It® notes on each of their favorite printed listings! And nothing gets the word out from a distance like balloons with your logo calling attention to your open house and trade show booth.

Promotional Giveaways for Open Houses and Trade Shows

Meetings with Clients

To ensure the first meeting with both sellers and buyers is upbeat yet organized here are some tools for a professional appearance. Talking through house listing details is sure to include pulling out tech gadgets, sharing calendars and handing off printed materials such as brochures, contracts, etc. Presentation folders and padfolios get your relationship off to a good start by keeping all the paperwork in one place. And portable chargers for devices and stylus pens will definitely get frequent use.

Do you live in an area where there are lots of days with rainy weather? There is nothing worse than being out for a full day of showings and getting soaked with another few hours to get through before the end of the day. Have umbrellas on hand with your company logo and inexpensive branded rain ponchos. Handing out a rain poncho to keep your buyers dry is not only courteous, but it will leave a lasting impression!

  • Presentation folders
  • Padfolios embossed with your agency name
  • Portable power bank chargers
  • High quality engraved pens and stylus pens
  • Rain ponchos and umbrellas
Top Promotional Items for Meetings with Clients

For Clients with Kids and Pets

Establish your real estate agency as kid-friendly and pet-friendly with some giveaways for children and pets. Consider giving the younger kiddos a piggy bank or a coin purse to fit in with financial conversations parents will be having. Or keep kids entertained with colorful mini notebooks and a fun, funky pen for doodling. Ear buds for their digital devices will also be a hit, knowing there will be extra time in the car while house hunting.

For pet-friendly clients a collapsible water bowl and an extra pet leash might be handy for a full day of house showings with a pet in tow.

One tip here is scale back on the quantities, not every client has children or pets, so you don’t need as many family-friendly giveaways as you do those business card magnets. Then don’t forget plastic bags with your logo to put all the goodies in.

Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Promo Items

Gifts for House Closings

Closing gifts that are thoughtful and chosen with the personality of the buyer or seller in mind show you truly appreciate their business.promote real estate 1 Taking notes and remembering details about the client’s personality and their household make it easier to tailor a gift specific to their preferences and background. For example, do they enjoy gardening? Include a gift card to the local garden center. Do they have a pet? Include a pet toy or treat in the gift basket you put together for them. Presenting a closing gift tailored for the members of the household shows the home owner that you value their needs and interests beyond the business transaction.

Closing Gifts for Sellers

Clients moving out and moving on can be the trickiest to find a way of saying we appreciate your business. Depending on the circumstances, the seller may be leaving the area, or even the country, in which case gift cards to local businesses, tickets to local activities, etc. are not a good option. Bulky items may not be a good idea if they are downsizing or traveling soon after the closing is finished. Small but very useful items like an engraved letter opener or pen and pencil set are a nice professional memento. If size is not an issue, consider adding your agency logo engraved or imprinted on distinguished gift items that can be enjoyed for many years.

  • Engraved pen sets
  • Engraved pen set with flashlight key chain
  • Boxed wine tools gift set
  • Picnic wine tote bag
  • Sweet treats with your logo on the chocolate and the enclosed card
Branded Closing Gifts for Sellers
Closing Gifts for Buyers

Of course any of the items mentioned above as closing gifts for sellers
are great options as closing gifts for buyers as well. In addition, handing over house keys to the new happy home owner on an engraved key chain provides a much nicer presentation than passing bare house keys across the table.real estate closing gifts

Often closing gifts for buyers are along traditional lines like house-warming gifts or moving day survival kits. Here are some of the tried-and-true suggestions that will continue to get used long after the last box is unpacked. Add your logo to any of these items for long lasting advertising exposure!

Moving Day Survival Kit
  • Engraved key chain
  • Tape measure and level
  • Flashlight and screwdriver
  • Box opener
  • Night light
  • Utility tote to hold all the goodies

And finally- if buyers are new to the area choose gift cards to local businesses like the bakery or restaurants and boutiques. Tuck the gift cards into a set of trendy colorful soup mugs. Small business owners will appreciate this gesture too!

What do you think? If you found this real estate promotional product guide helpful; be sure to share with your peers! What giveaway items have you had success with? Is there a segment of the real estate market we did not cover? Leave us a note in the comments.


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