How To Choose Between Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars and Pocket Calendars

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You’ve decided to invest in some promotional calendars (good idea!), but now you need to choose between wall calendarsdesk calendars, and pocket calendars. Here’s what to keep in mind as you weigh your options.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars combine several features: a quick-glance view, room to write in appointments and notes and an even larger assortment of themes.

Wall calendars are great for these types of people and situations:

  • When you want to share a giveaway with a theme. Wall calendars come in a large assortment of popular themes, one is sure to fit your needs.
  • Your customers are part of busy families with many activities going on, so having more than one calendar makes sense. Even if people have their own individual calendars (on their smartphones, for example), being able to consult one central calendar where everyone records their info is important.
  • All kitchens need a wall calendar, one that can alert everyone in the household about the various events happening day-to-day.
  • When a strategic location for shared viewing is needed, such as hanging on the wall in break rooms and conference rooms.american grandeur wall calendar

The American Grandeur spiral wall calendar includes 13 gorgeous American landscapes, an enlarged imprint area on every page for your business info, and a month-at-a-glance feature that allows people to see snapshots of the previous month and next month on the current calendar page.

Desk Calendars

As the name implies, these calendars are great for desks in the office (whether at work or at home). People typically leave these calendars out on their desks for easy access when they’re going about their daily tasks.

The best part? Within the category of desk calendars, you can choose from several styles: large desk pad calendars feature blocks you can write on; desk planners, to use both at your desk and on the go and “quick glance” stand-up desk calendars, are great when space is limited and just as wall calendars, offer themes.

Custom desk calendars are perfect for the following types of people:

  • Prospects who’ve just received a visit from your sales rep. Your rep can hand the prospect this calendar as a thank-you. If the prospect is in an office, there’s a good chance the calendar will end up on a desk where people can see your imprint day in and day out.
  • Anyone who spends 40+ hours a week at a desk or in a cube. (Yes, this includes your employees as well!)
  • Just about any consumer, especially if you’re handing out the “quick glance” variety. Because they take up such little real estate and have a large variety of themes. These calendars can work great not only on desks, but also on bureaus, breakfast tables, kids’ nightstands, inside second homes…the list goes on and and dog desk calendar

The quick-glance furry friends pet desk calendar is cute and sure to catch people’s attention every day of the year, which means even more brand advertising for your business. This particular calendar would make a great giveaway for veterinary practices, dog walkers, dog groomers, dog kennels, pet stores, and anyone who loves pets.

Pocket Calendars

Pocket calendars are great for people on the go. These calendars fit easily into purses, messenger bags, or briefcases. They’re ideal for people who simply need reminders about events and appointments and not a ton of details. Plus, pocket calendars are crash-proof, unlike your computer (this is true of all our calendars). You can choose from weekly or monthly formats (the weekly provides more writing space for notes).

Pocket calendars can be ideal giveaways to the following types of people:

    • Consumers who prefer to separate their personal life from their work life. For example, maybe they want a separate, less complicated calendar to record all of the family’s activities, such as the kids’ soccer practices and the in-law’s wedding anniversary.
    • Stay-at-home parents who want an easy way to record numerous events for the kids, from dental cleanings to piano lessons.
    • Seniors who love physical calendars and prefer something more compact than a wall or desk calendar.
    • Clients, customers and employees who’ve come to rely on your company for handing out free pocket calendars at the end of the year (for example, maybe you send all of your customers a calendar in December along with a note thanking them for their business for the last year).
    • Customers at checkouts or registration desks. It’s always nice to have a free offering at these locations in brick and mortar stores.
      custom pocket calendar

This best selling weekly pocket calendar includes a full-color cover design. Create your own look entirely when you add your own photos, text, and logo to create the cover. You may also want to check out monthly format pocket calendars.

One happy customer wrote, “These calendars work great as thank you gifts which also serve as a reminder of your organization or business. We use these to thank 250 volunteers at a Scouting event in California. Those getting the calendars were all impressed with the quality of the gift calendar.”

Hopefully this guide will help you choose the right calendars and planners to suit your needs. Now see all the options for promotional calendars that Amsterdam Printing has to offer.

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