Promos to Help Customers Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions


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It’s been a few weeks since we rang in the new year, and many of us are at the point when our commitment to those New Year’s resolutions begin to sag a bit. Maybe the promise to “exercise every day, no matter what” has slipped to once-or-twice-a-week gym visits, and the pledge to get more organized may have stalled in an assortment of half-finished projects.

Chances are many of your customers find themselves in the “post-January resolution slump,” and you can be the one to help them re-commit to their pledges. By offering promotional gifts that help them get back on track — and stay there — you can keep your brand at the top of their minds while also playing a part in helping them become, healthier, fitter, better organized, or whatever their goal may be.

Here are a few ways to incorporate fun, colorful promos in helping customers breathe new life into their New Year’s resolutions:

Resolution: “I will reduce my carbon footprint.”

Environmental consciousness has gone mainstream in recent years, and many of your customers may have made a resolution to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” in 2018. By placing your logo on recycled and reusable promo gifts, you can make your brand a part of their renewed commitment to that promise:

  • Grocery totes: Help your customers use fewer plastic bags and reduce their trash output with a sturdy, reusable grocery tote featuring your name and logo.
  • Travel mugs: Americans love their lattes, but all those paper coffee cups add up to billions of pounds of trash every year. Help your customers sip responsibly with a refillable travel mug that lets them tote their morning joe without creating additional waste.
  • Recycled notebooks: Everyone loves a good notebook, and by using it for a giveaway featuring your logo you can help your customers take a stand for the environment.

Resolution: “I will get in shape.”

Year after year, the resolution to become more physically fit tops the lists of most popular New Year’s resolutions. By placing your logo on health and fitness–themed promotional gifts, you can help your customers re-commit to their goals and make your brand a part of their journey to self-improvement. Here are a few popular options to consider:

  • Gym bags: Offer your premium customers a durable, attractive duffel bag that they’ll be proud to carry to the gym, the yoga studio, or the racquetball courts … and that doubles as a handy travel bag for overnight trips.
  • Fitness journals: Help them track their progress with a journal made just for health and fitness, where they can log their food, water, stretching, cardio, and strength exercises every day.
  • Water bottles: Hydration is an important part of any workout, so think about placing your logo on a bottle that’s made for the gym, with no-slip grips (for handling with sweaty hands) and a flip straw or a push-pull spout for one-piece convenience.

Resolution: “I will be more organized.”

Who hasn’t experienced the productivity-killing frustration of working at a messy desk or trying to untangle a chaotic ball of computer cords? Getting organized is a worthy goal that many people aim for in their New Year’s resolutions, and if your customers have started to let chaos rear its ugly head again, you can offer handy promos that help them get back on track. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  • Storage bins: Handy, foldable bins are perfect for corralling toys, clothes, books, or other items that tend to “spread” if they don’t have a designated space.
  • Tech Tacos: Help your patrons tame the “cord chaos” with a colorful promo that keeps cords manageable … and that puts your promo in a prominent space where they’ll see it every day.
  • Tech organizers: Every on-the-go tech lover needs a space for earbuds, power banks, and charging cords. When you place your logo on a neoprene tech case, you help them keep their gear neat and organized — not tangled up in a ball at the bottom of a purse or backpack.

It’s never too late for your customers to get back on track with their New Year’s resolutions … and it’s always a good time to show them your appreciation with useful promos featuring your name and logo. With colorful, durable promos that help them renew their commitment to the promises they made on New Year’s, you can show them you care about their drive for improvement, creating a positive association for your brand and giving your logo a prominent place where it’s sure to be seen on a daily basis.

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