#B2Basics: Free Software to Keep Your Business Running From Home

work from home laptopOne of the biggest concerns from so many small business owners scrambling to set up a remote workforce is access, or more accurately, a lack of access. You may suddenly have found yourself at home and without many of the people and tools that help you get the job done each and every day. The good news is that you can overcome the obstacle of distance from your office and your co-workers with these free solutions and get your company back on track.

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4 Tips on Balancing Your (Home) Work Day

working from home

Millions of Americans have begun working from home (WFH) and are adjusting to their lives as remote employees. Those of us who are new to telecommuting may be facing some challenges in the initial period of adjustment between office life and home-office life, so this week we’ve put together a few tips to ease the transition and help you find some balance in your work from home life. It’s possible to stay motivated, focused and productive, even when surrounded by all the comforts (and distractions) of home.

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What the Plastic Bag Ban Means for You


NYS-bag-ban-logoThe New York State Bag Waste Reduction Law

Sunday, March 1st brings the Bag Waste Reduction Law, more commonly known as the plastic bag ban, to those of us here in New York State. With all of the (sometimes conflicting) information out there about the law, it can be a little confusing as to what the ban really means to you as a consumer or as someone whose industry will be affected by the change.
Let’s dig in a little bit to clear it up.

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Wellness in the Workplace for 2020

working out officeRising insurance costs and sedentary lifestyles have companies large and small looking for ways to save money and keep their employees happy, healthy and at work. This has resulted in a nationwide wellness initiative that began gaining popularity over the past few years and has continued to pick up steam in the HR departments of businesses of all sizes. Creating a wellness program for your workplace can motivate your employees to make healthy choices, demonstrate your commitment to their health and happiness and ultimately keep their premiums low. This week, we’re taking a look at a few ways that you can get involved with your team’s well-being and maybe have some fun in the process. Continue reading “Wellness in the Workplace for 2020”

B2Basics: 4 Tips to Beef Up Cyber-Security for Your Small Business

cyber security laptopIf your company conducts business online, stores sensitive information on the organization’s computers or even does something as innocuous as sending emails, you’re in danger of being compromised by criminals. These cyber-attacks are being carried out on small businesses at an alarming rate and cause all kinds of damage including but not limited to loss of data, loss of income and, arguably worse than either one of those, loss of your customer’s trust.
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B2Basics: 3 Tips for Creating or Revamping Your Logo

As a company that has been imprinting promotional products for over 120 years, we know a thing or two about logos! Custom artwork is what we do! One of the most important aspects of your entire business, your logo acts as the first impression/face of your brand and ultimately communicates your message without saying a word. Sound a little overwhelming? We understand, so we’ve gotten some of our favorite graphic artists (who just happen to work in our creative department) to pull together some tips to help you create or revamp your logo. Continue reading “B2Basics: 3 Tips for Creating or Revamping Your Logo”

Disaster Recovery – Getting Your Business Back on Track After a Natural Disaster

disaster planning

When a natural disaster such as a wildfire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake strikes, the impact on small businesses can be intense. Even if your business isn’t physically affected, you may have to deal with disruptions such as power outages, blocked roads, employee absences, supply chain stoppages, and decreased business from customers who suffered losses.

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