B2Basics: 3 Tips for Creating or Revamping Your Logo

As a company that has been imprinting promotional products for over 120 years, we know a thing or two about logos! Custom artwork is what we do! One of the most important aspects of your entire business, your logo acts as the first impression/face of your brand and ultimately communicates your message without saying a word. Sound a little overwhelming? We understand, so we’ve gotten some of our favorite graphic artists (who just happen to work in our creative department) to pull together some tips to help you create or revamp your logo.

  1. Keep it Simple

We’ve all heard of the K.I.S.S principle and it definitely applies to logo creation. Think of the most iconic logos of all time, Apple,McDonalds, Nike, Target, what do they all have in common? They’re simple, instantly recognizable and exactly what you’re looking to do for your small business. Your new artwork should be clean, unique and in some way it should represent what the company is and what it does. Remember that an uncomplicated icon with minimal text works best because the simpler your iconography is, the easier it is for your customer to remember.

Don’t just take our expert’s word for it. The team at Logo Smith did a study with 3,000 participants that showed a simple logo is 13% more likely to grab a customer’s attention and 7% more to make them want to learn more about the company. As you begin the process and start the creative juices flowing, it’s a good idea to get some inspiration from those brands who have had success with their minimalist designs.

  1. Sketch it Out

Start with a list of words that describe your company and then take pen to paper. Set aside time to brainstorm and draw quick simple shapes that “feel” like the words on your list. Again, the simpler the better. There are no bad ideas during this stage so keep your pen moving and keep in mind that all of these little doodles can be refined and rendered out later. Right now you’re just looking to get your ideas on paper and see what you connect with. Now narrow down the fruits of brainstorm to a few of your favorite ideas and share them with your partners, employees and maybe even a handful of customers to get their initial reaction. Keeping your ego in check and not arguing for the ideas that you’re partial to can be a challenge but at this stage in the game it’s time to listen. You trust these people and their input could prove to be valuable. Need some inspiration to get that brainstorm swirling? Here are some ideas to get started in the right direction.

  1. Digitize it

Now that you’ve gotten a consensus, weighed your options and made your final decision it’s time to get your logo created! Our designers suggest using industry standard software such as Adobe Illustrator to finish the job. The key word here is scalability. You’re going to want to create a large logo so that it can be loosely scaled and imprinted on any product no matter the size. A large uncompressed file ensures that your new artwork is going to look great screen printed on table throws and laser engraved on pens alike. It’s also a great idea to save your logo as jpeg, tiff and png files for maximum flexibility.

If you’re feeling that the Illustrator learning curve is a bit too steep, there are plenty of other great options such as GIMP or Inkscape. The tools that you use aren’t as important as your final result, so use what you’re comfortable with and create your message!

Whatever type of iconography you choose for your business, keep in mind that the best logos are thought-provoking and strengthen your brand image. Create something simple but memorable that speaks your company’s message with powerful clarity…then give us a call and we’ll print it on some of our thousands of promotional products for you!


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