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breast cancer awareness

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One in eight U.S. women will receive a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, and the American Cancer Society estimates that doctors will diagnose more than 266,000 new cases this year alone. Every October, organizations band together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month — or #Pinktober, as it’s known on social networks — to raise awareness of the disease and raise funds for research.

Chances are breast cancer has touched the lives of many of your customers, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month offers you the chance to show your support and rally your community around the cause of awareness and prevention.

Here are a few ways you can show your support for the breast cancer community during this month of #Pinktober.

Organize a Fundraiser

Choose a breast cancer organization to support and create a fundraising campaign for the month of October. In addition to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,

The Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are among many other worthy organizations to choose from.

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Once you’ve chosen an organization to support, here are a few fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Set up a crowdfunding page and reach out to customers via social media (remember to include the #Pinktober hashtag), email, and other venues to invite donations. Set a goal and keep your donors informed of your progress as the month progresses.
  • Host a fundraising event at your venue and match a percentage of all donations received. Remember to send attendees home with swag tote bags containing a commemorative tumbler, awareness ribbon stress balls, journal gift sets, and other tokens of your appreciation. We even make it easy for you with some clever sayings, slogans and quotes to print on your swag.
  • Organize a car wash or bake sale and donate all the proceeds. If you don’t have a physical location, consider partnering with a local brick-and-mortar business, school, or organization that can lend you the space.

Share Stories

Storytelling is a wonderful way to build connections with the people in your community on a personal level. Invite your team members and customers to share stories of family members and friends who have battled the disease — or even their own survivor stories — and post them on your social media page (always being mindful of privacy issues, of course).

If you have a boutique, restaurant, or salon, you can also create a physical “ribbon wall” in a high-visibility area at your location. Set out pink ribbon-shaped sticky notes and invite customers and employees to honor the breast cancer survivors in their lives by writing the person’s name on a note and posting it to the wall. Share photos of your wall on social media as your “ribbon” collection grows throughout the month.

Educate Your Community

“At what age should I start getting mammograms?” “What are the risk factors for breast cancer?” “What can I do to reduce my risk?” These are just a few of the common questions about breast cancer that may be lingering in the minds of some of your customers. You can help educate them by sharing a fact about the disease every day via your social media channels. Or you can add your custom imprint to breast cancer awareness pocket sliders and give or mail them out to the women in your community.

Create a Special Line of Promotional Itemsbreast cancer awareness pen

Promotional items are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach consumers. A single promo can create thousands of impressions at a lower per-impression cost than print, radio, TV, and various other forms of advertising.

In addition to your standard branded promotional items, you can create a special “#Pinktober” collection to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Consider imprinting your name and logo on pink pens, tumblers, sunglassesribbon tote bags, and other gifts. You can give away small items (such as pens) with every purchase in the month of October and use larger items to reward donations to your crowdfunding campaign.

Ready to “Think Pink?”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has encouraged millions of women to learn about their risk factors and take steps for early diagnosis and prevention of the disease. By adding your organization’s voice to the conversation, you can do your part in helping the women of your community build a healthier future. Brainstorm with your team to choose the best tactics for your organization and your audience, then build your campaign and get ready to share the #Pinktober love!


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