Office Christmas Party Ideas

Office Holiday Party Ideas

Make your office Christmas party festive & merry with these ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it’s never too early to start gathering office holiday party ideas. Here are a few easy tips to get you started:

1. Invite early. Between holiday travel, family get-togethers, and other events, people’s schedules tend to fill up quickly this time of year, so get your invitations out early. Then give invitees just a hint of what you have planned, including office holiday party games, gift exchanges, or special menu items.

2. Give door prizes, lots of door prizes! Give each person a numbered ticket from a roll of tickets as they arrive and continue giving away more tickets during the entire event for simple, fun and interactive things like:

  • Everyone with a birthday in December
  • Anyone wearing red
  • Everyone working for the company 2 years or more
  • Anyone that drove to the event with a co-worker
  • If you have a live plant on your desk

holiday gift for office partyThen have drawings for door prizes frequently throughout the party. These can include elegant keepsakes like a classic pen and pencil set featuring your company logo or a donation to the charity of the winner’s choice, or creative ideas (that don’t cost anything) like a special parking spot for a month, a free half-day off,  or a “jeans day” at the office. When guests realize there are frequent giveaways throughout the event, they are sure to stay, not wanting to miss out on what great prizes might be ahead!

3. Have a guest appearance from Santa. Nothing livens up an office Christmas party like a visit from jolly Santa Claus! Have one of your team members don the red suit and hand out candy and pose for photos with a hearty “Ho, ho, ho!” Then share the photos on your company social media sites.

4. Plan table prizes. If you’re planning a sit-down meal, pick one chair at each table and place a colored sticker on the underside. The person sitting in the marked chair gets to take home the table centerpiece or some other fun prize. And to ensure that everyone goes home with a gift don’t forget to have a holiday party swag bag at each spot.

swag bags for holiday party

5. Play “Name That Song.” Play a snippet of a holiday song and have your guests guess the title; everyone that guesses correctly gets more tickets for the drawings.

6. Have a cookie exchange. Encourage guests in advance of the event to participate in a cookie exchange by bringing their favorite holiday goodies to the party.  Consider providing guidelines available in advance, like pre-packaged for taking home, nothing that needs refrigeration and how many cookies to include per package (usually 1 dozen). Everyone can share recipes and take home handmade treats that are ready to enjoy, saving precious time during the holiday season.  Guests can even get creative with unique packaging and presentation. And you guessed it, give tickets for participating.

7. Have an optional gift exchange (“yankee swap”). Ask each to guest bring a wacky gift—the more outrageous, the better—and pile all the gifts under the Christmas tree. Assign each guest a number. Starting with the first number, the person picks a gift from under the tree and opens it; the second person can either “steal” the first gift or open a new one. Continue until all the gifts are gone (each gift can only be “stolen” twice), and each guest will have a zany souvenir of your office holiday party!holiday-christmas-balls

8. Give sendoff party favors. Thank your guests for coming to your office Christmas party by sending them home with this delicious ditty snack bag filled with treats that includes your holiday message on the bag. Or consider Thanks a Million chocolate bars that are a crowd pleaser for any occasion!

Have any office holiday party ideas of your own to add to the list? Share them in the comments below then Shop All Holiday Business Gifts!

And above all have a joyous Holiday Season!

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