4 Spooktacular Halloween Festivities to Get Your Office in the Spirit

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Orange and red leaves blanket the ground, the temperatures are falling and football is back in full force which means that fall here and Halloween is on the horizon. This week we’re helping you and your team get into the spirit of the season with four ways to celebrate the day at your workplace.

1. Themed Food

A workplace food day is a great way to get people sharing their recipes and a few laughs, but most importantly, it brings people together over the common bond of eating delicious food! We LOVE a food day here at Amsterdam, and Halloween may be the one that takes the (ghost-shaped) cake. Each year we hold a Spooky themed food contest and encourage all of our employees to create the scariest looking (and most delicious) concoction that they can cook up back in their labs. If you’re looking for ideas, Good Housekeeping has some ghoulishly great ideas for culinary inspiration to get your party started! 

2. Costume Contest

Why leave all the fun for the kids? Halloween is the perfect day to shed the shackles of business casual and show off your screen accurate Bilbo Baggins cos-play gear…or whatever you’re into. The crown jewel of our Halloween celebration is our annual costume contest, where winners can take home the tin for scariest, funniest, most original, best group and best overall costumes. And really, can you think of a better team-building exercise than participating in the fierce, no holds barred, take no prisoners competition that is “Best Group Costume?” We think not. 

Are you stuck without an idea but refuse to let Ted from accounting walk away with another easy win this year? We feel your pain. Popsugar has a great list of SFW ideas to get you the victory without landing yourself in the HR office. And remember to keep an eye on our social media accounts for photos of our costume contestants and winners.

3. Pumpkin Carving

pumpkin carving

It’s time to grab a gourd, break out your blade and channel your inner Vincent van Ghost.  People have been carving Jack-o-Lanterns for centuries, so why not bring the tradition into the workplace this year with a pumpkin carving contest? Whether it be intricately detailed pumpkin portraits or your average ‘three triangles and a mouth’ jack-o-lantern, there’s a place for everyone’s style and skill level. For those of us who are more carving challenged than others, I’ve found that working with stencils as opposed to free-knifing it is the way to go.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration check out Better Homes and Garden’s free collection of carveable stencils to get you going.

4. Trick or Treat

office halloween costume

The tricks are fun but the treats are really where it’s at, and setting up workplace-wide trick or treat is a fun way to take it back to the days when your costume was made of rigid plastic, came in a box and your mom made you wear your jacket over it. Encourage your employees and coworkers to decorate their workspace and fill a bowl with goodies (handing out full size candy bars will NOT go unnoticed) then set aside some time when all the ghouls and ghosts can go cubicle to cubicle, bags in hand and say those three magical words that produced such plentiful sugary bounties for us as children, “trick or treat.”  Bonus points if your team crafts their own bags! Keep them happy (and your cubicle walls egg-free) by handing out something from this year’s Good Housekeeping list of the most sought after sweet treats of the season.

Whether you stretch it out for the week like we do or pack it all into one day, Halloween can be an opportunity to bond your team over food and fun. No matter how you choose to celebrate, just remember to keep it fun, friendly and safe for work!

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