Wellness in the Workplace for 2020

working out officeRising insurance costs and sedentary lifestyles have companies large and small looking for ways to save money and keep their employees happy, healthy and at work. This has resulted in a nationwide wellness initiative that began gaining popularity over the past few years and has continued to pick up steam in the HR departments of businesses of all sizes. Creating a wellness program for your workplace can motivate your employees to make healthy choices, demonstrate your commitment to their health and happiness and ultimately keep their premiums low. This week, we’re taking a look at a few ways that you can get involved with your team’s well-being and maybe have some fun in the process.

Get Your Steps in

Sitting in your chair all day can take a toll both mentally and physically. From an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer to bone loss and higher levels of anxiety, sitting at your desk for long periods of time is unquestionably bad for you. The problem is if your work is completed at your desk each day than how do you make time to step away? Well, it turns out that it doesn’t really take that much activity to counter the toll that your chair is taking on you. According to this study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, just thirty minutes of walking can fight fatigue, increase focus and help manage a myriad of chronic conditions.
Time has a way of flying by during your daily work hustle and it can be hard to find a free minute for yourself. We get it! That’s why we found a fun and helpful way of keeping track of our steps with the “Step into Fitness” challenge we held this year. We provided pedometers (that were beautifully imprinted, of course) to our employees, challenged them to see who had the most steps taken at the end of the month and saw first hand the positive effects that light exercise during lunch or breaks can have!

Stay Hydratedcat faucet

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, water that helps keep us focused, fights off illness, aids in weight loss and regulates our body temperature amongst other things. Having said that, it’s important to stay hydrated to maintain top performance. But it can seem like a chore to get the 64 or so recommended ounces of water down the hatch every day. Your second cup of coffee in the morning coupled with a busy schedule can lead you straight into that two-slices-and-a-soda lunch and suddenly it’s one PM, you haven’t had a drop of water and you’re feeling awful (the caffeine crash and carby lunch aren’t doing you any favors). It’s easy to get lost in your inbox and lose track of your intake!
Amsterdam Printing’s hydration challenge was a fun way to keep our team engaged in their consumption. The idea was simple, we provided each employee with a 24-ounce Titan Softex Bottle, asked them to fill it, drink it and repeat. Couldn’t be simpler!
The benefits of staying properly hydrated range from healthier bones and joints to better cardiovascular health and healthy skin, so drink up!
Here are a few tips to pass on to your team when you kick off your own hydration challenge:

  • Keep your water bottle with you all day. It’s much easier to reach your goal if you’re never more than a short reach away from your drink.
  • When you’re feeling hungry, try having a sip. Often times we confuse hunger for thirst so “sipping your snack” will keep you hydrated and full so you won’t be tempted by the vending machine.
  • Drink a bottle when you first wake up. Water is known to kick start your metabolism and feed your brain with a shot of oxygen, so get out of bed and try to drink 16 ounces to start your day.


Wellness Clinicswellness clinic

A 2015 Nielsen Survey found that 59.4% of people feel their employer should have a role in better their health. Detection and prevention of chronic illness is the first step! Yearly wellness screenings that get a baseline for each stats like weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are an effective way to help identify those at risk and give them the info they need to make healthy decisions.  Studies have shown that offering incentives for employees can increase participation by up to 80% which, as a business owner, means a team of happier and healthier people, making wellness screenings a great idea for companies of any size!

No matter what programs you choose to create in your company’s wellness initiative, it’s important to get employee buy-in and get them excited. Simply ask them what activities they’d be interested in, do your research and enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthier and more productive team!

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